Lower Juniors 2019 - 2020

Mr Penny

Years 3 and 4


Years 3 and 4 are taught by Mr Penny

                                                                         Mr. Penny                                                                            

Hello and welcome back to school - I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and taken some time to relax and enjoy a well-earned break. I would like to take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you a Happy New Year and all the very best for 2020! The festive period is always a busy, magical time, but now everybody is back and the focus is on learning once again.

    The first term proved to be one of huge transition as we welcomed several new additions to the class. Naturally, this led to a number of shifts in class dynamic, the rearranging of classroom furniture and numerous tweaks to our seating plan - I am extremely proud of all of the children for the way in which they have adapted to each change and my utmost thanks go to both yourselves and the children for your ongoing support and co-operation. One of the major positives of the previous term was the way in which the children who were new to the school were able to settle, with the aid of their peers. The Autumn term also saw us welcome two new staff members to the LKS2 team - I am delighted to now be working with Mr. Heritage and Miss Totty, both of whom are superb additions to the classroom. I can assure you that our aim for the Spring term is to provide a consistent approach to developing and building upon the routines that were established throughout Autumn.

    We are at the start of a very exciting journey with regard to our wider school curriculum and the Spring Term will see us focus on heroes/heroines and their qualities. Our overarching question for this topic will ask the children, ‘What does a hero look like?’ and each lesson will provide exciting opportunities to explore the characteristics of a hero, investigate the reasons that a hero may be required,  examine modern stereotypes and research historical heroic figures. We will also be creating our own heroic theme tune in Music, designing a superhero costume in Art/DT and exploring the adventures of Traction Man in Literacy! A topic web of learning has been attached and can be found at the bottom of this page. Please look out for anything on the television or in books that is related to our topic and encourage your children to watch, read and discuss what they see. The children are more than welcome to bring in any resources or books they have at home that are linked to our topic.

    As always, we do have an open door policy. However, I would ask that if any parents have any messages they would like to discuss in detail, please do not hesitate to phone the office to arrange an appointment for a time after school. We have another busy few weeks ahead but I expect it to be a very enjoyable term.

Best wishes,

Mr. T. Penny









This year, our homework policy places emphasis on the importance of reading, spelling and times tables.

Reading is of huge importance in Lower Key Stage 2, as it provides children with excellent opportunities to not only develop their fluency, expression and pronunciation, but to improve on vocabulary choices and spark creative, imaginative ideas for writing. If I could please ask parents to therefore ensure that your child reads at home at least three times a week, with a comment in their Reading Diary/Record where necessary.

Each week, children have four, fifteen minute spelling sessions that focus on the spelling rule, linking to the words they are learning. Children will be tested on these words every Friday. If there is an inset day, children will be tested on a Thursday. When supporting your child/children please encourage them to talk about any patterns they notice within the words and any rules they know are linked. Additionally, clarify the meaning of any words of which they are unsure of and encourage them to put them into a verbal sentence. Finally, if practising with them, mix up the order, as it is important that children learn the spellings, not the order.

Throughout Years 3 and 4, I expect children to become fluent in most, if not all of their times tables. I will therefore be introducing a weekly times tables test on a Friday morning, as we move into the Spring Term. Children will be informed of which times table that they will be tested on at the start of each week – if I could ask that children practise the selected times tables throughout the week, then that would be most helpful. When supporting your child to practise times tables, please feel free to use any strategy that you think they may find helpful, whether that be by wrote, rhyme or game. I have now sent out all log ins for TT Rockstars and we will be introducing a class leader board (with weekly prizes!) over the next half term - if possible, I expect children to log in and practise their times tables throughout each week. 

I have been asked by a number of parents if it would be possible to still send the Mental Arithmetic and Grammar books home that were used in previous years. I am more than happy to do so as we still have some left in the cupboard. If any body would like one, please feel free to come and ask. 

Many thanks for your support! 


P.E and Sport 


Each week your child will receive an afternoon of PE. This will be on a Monday afternoon. Therefore, it is expected that your child will have correct PE kit with them on this day. Correct PE kit light blue t-shirt, blue shorts and appropriate outdoor trainers. If children own an Utkinton Sports kit, this may be worn. If they are unable to take part in PE for any reason, a note signed by a parent will be required to explain the reasoning. Pupils who do not have their P.E kit twice in a half term will stay in for one break time. Parents will be informed prior to this. On occasions when a child does not have a P.E kit, they will be supplied with spare kit to ensure they participate.  Our curriculum is built around the competition calendar at Tarporley High. If your child has been selected, a letter to will be sent on the Monday of competition week. All children have opportunity to be selected. Our commitment is that all children will have represented the school at least once by the end of the year.

Behaviour and Attitude – Ready, Respectful, Safe.

We have clear and high expectations of behaviour in LKS2. As adults we provide a positive role model to children in the way we speak and behave. Children are encouraged to take responsibility for their behaviour and to reflect on their actions. Learning to change behaviour, responding in different and more appropriate ways, being provided with alternative ways to react mean that even negative conflicts can be turned into positive educational opportunities.

I expect all pupils and staff in LKS2 to recognise the importance of a safe learning environment, in which they are ensured the opportunity to enjoy their education and achieve their full potential. At the start of the school year, pupils were asked to produce a list of class rules designed to ensure a safe learning environment for all. Their suggestions were then condensed into three main principles that each and every member of the class will aim to promote within our classroom. These principles are as follows:

- To be Ready

- To be Respectful

- To be Safe

By sharing in the process of making a class code the children have ownership and can take responsibility for their actions.

Positive behaviour choices are acknowledged, supported and rewarded. In Class Two, we use verbal praise, high fives and Dojo Points to reinforce positive behaviour.

Just as there are rewards and praise for positive behaviour, there must be an appropriate response to behaviour that does not meet our class principles. When managing behaviour, staff make requests calmly, clearly, appropriately and in a clear step by step manner.

Please see the school behaviour policy for more information.

The importance of attendance and punctuality

As we move forward into Spring Term, the class timetable becomes ever more occupied as we prepare children for their February assessments. It is therefore very important that all children arrive at school on time, so that they are able to enter when the bell rings at 8.55 AM. This will allow us to register all children before starting our daily learning at 9.00 AM prompt. I expect all children to arrive at school in a safe and respectful manner, demonstrating that they are ready to learn.



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