At Utkinton St Paul's CE Primary School we use a scheme called PM Benchmarking to support children learning to read.  Our scheme has 24 levels and uses books from a range of publishers that have been selected to interest our children.

1              Pink

2              Pink

3              Red

4              Red

5              Red

6              Yellow         

7              Yellow

8              Yellow

9            Light Blue    

10           Light Blue

11           Light Blue        

12           Green

13           Green

14           Green

15           Orange

16           Orange

17           Turquoise

18           Turquoise

19           Purple

20           Purple

21           Light Yellow        

22           Light yellow

23           Grey

24           Grey

Each level is meticulously crafted: on every page, specialised care is taken with the sentence structures, the choice of words, the clear well-spaced type, and with meaningful, accurate illustrations to ensure a gentle learning gradient for children.  When children join our school they are assessed by a trained member of staff who shares a book with them from the PM Benchmarking Assessment Kit, which assesses both the child’s ability to sound out/decode the writing, their reading behaviours, their ability to retell the text and their understanding of what they have read.  This level is then shared with the parent and a reading folder along with a Reading Diary is given to the children.  When a member of staff feels that a child is ready to move onto the next level they are reassessed.  Parents are informed each time their child moves up a level.

Once we feel a child is confident and ready they move onto free readers where they are able to select books.  This is still carefully monitored by staff to ensure that children select appropriate books to advance their reading.

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